Abalone conch shell, pearl, mother-of-pearl, and soft tissue are used as aphrodisiacs, and are in especially high demand in Asia. Abalone’s other names includes Abalonen, auris marina, awabi, basin mussel, ear shells, meerohr (German), ormer (English), pāua (New Zealand), sea ears, shi jue ming

Habitat and Varieties

The abalone, or ormer shells, are mollusks, a variety of sea-dwelling snails that live among the rocks of tidal basins. They have an ear-shaped, winding spiral shell, often as large as the palm of a hand, with a shiny, iridescent mother-of-pearl lining. Abalones can produce pearls (cf. oyster). Many varieties of abalone have great cultural significance as both a food and a raw material (Howorth 1988).

Popular Varieties of Abalone

1. Haliotis iris

Also Known as Paua, rainbow abalone, regenbogenabalone, iridescent ormer, awabi. The paua abalone is a midsized ormer shell (around 14 cm) found only in the tidal basins of New Zealand. Paua pearls are very attractive because of their bright blue-to-green range of color, on a dark background. The paua mother-ofpearl, known as sea opal, is internationally sought as a raw material for the making of jewelry. The Maori Natives of New Zealand often use the sparkling substance in making jewelry and magical objects. They also use carved wooden fishhooks encrusted with paua as lures for deep-sea fishing. Paua resources are gravely endangered due to Japanese overfishing. Paua meat, a highly valued food in the Japanese kitchen, is believed to have medicinal properties and to enhance love.

2. Haliotis rufescens

Also known as Haliotidae Red abalone, red orme. Red abalone (as large as 30 cm) is primarily found in the Gulf of California, the body of water that separates the Baja Peninsula from the Mexican mainland. It produces pearls (Abalonenperlen, abalone blister) and a significant amount of mother-ofpearl for the jewelry industry. Although the meat is not considered a delicacy there, it is very popular in Chinese and Japanese communities in California, where it is considered to be an aphrodisiac.

3. Haliotis gigantean

Gmelin, giant abalone, riesnseeohr: Japan, Korea, up to 20 cm (about 8 in.)

4. Haliotis tuberculata L

Common abalone, ear ormer: Mediterranean, up to 8 cm.

5. Haliotis corrugate

Rose ormer, pink abalone, rose abalone: Pacific coast of North America.


All varieties of mollusk shell—especially those of mother-of-pearl—are found in the traditional Chinese treasury of medicines. The giant abalone (Haliotis gigantea) is called in Chinese Shi Jue Ming, and is considered a liver-calming and windpreventing remedy. In Japan the shells (conch) are pulverized and taken as an aphrodisiac. Green ormer—the name appears as such as early as Aristotle (Haliotis tuberculata)—is also called Venus ears in the folk tradition, and is worn in aphrodisiac amulets. † The common ormer is also called Venus ears, or orecchio di San Pietro (Italian). This is the only Mediterranean species among the “mussels of Aphrodite.”

Abalone meat has always been considered a delicacy—a rich source of protein from the saline sea. Along the California coast, people love the great-tasting abalone and eat it with such gusto that it is almost extinct in those waters. Large abalone shells are often used as incense burners, especially for herbs (such as wormwood or sage).

Cultural Meaning

Even if abalone does not contain any substances that stimulate lust, its appearance arouses every sense. The snail adheres to the inside of her shell by means of a muscle that withdraws her back into the protective shell or allows her to extend out of it when she moves; over a lifetime of rubbing against the surface, this movement polishes the shell’s interior. The smooth interior and the slick secretions are a reminder of the slippery mucous membrane of the female’s intimate body cavity, which is why the Greeks associated the Haliotis and other mussels and snails with the love goddess, Aphrodite.

The iridescent, splendid blue-green shimmer of the mother-of-pearl of Venus ears resembles the reverberation of a rainbow in glittering dewdrops or pearls of moisture. The depth of the sea, the infinity of the sky, and divine rays of lights from the sun reverberate in its enthralling metallic colors. Mother-of-pearl has always been the embodiment of femininity; its very name combines the words mother and pearl, and pearls are a (highly valued) symbol of the fertility of the divine mother.

In the Christian period, the things that were once sacred to Aphrodite were made into attributes of Mary, the Mother of God, who was often depicted wearing a white pearl necklace: “Jesus is the radiant and immaculate pearl that was born of the virgin through the divine spark. For as the pearl is a body born of flesh and muscle and moisture, damp and translucent with light and spirit, so does the God who is word-made-flesh shine as a spiritual light through a moist body” (cf. Matt. 13:46). Through the “pearl” of Mary—her son Jesus—the mythological symbolism of ancient times lives on in a surprisingly sensual way.

Where to get

Shells can be bought in conch shops; meat can be purchased canned or dried in Japanese and Asian markets, and live in high-end specialty markets.

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The various systems of the body compare notes as it were and together, in some manner not understood by scientists, come to a conclusion about how temperature needs to shift and then shift it. We are more a collection of cooperating parts, each with its own innate intelligence, than a mechanical system with the brain acting as intelligent overseer. Our hormone levels are, as well, constantly in flux. Our bodies make and release hormones as we need them to remain vital and healthy. Part of this process includes the making and releasing of sexual hormones. In middle age, the amount of testosterone in male bodies naturally shifts, as does the balance between androgens and estrogens. It is the movement toward excess levels of estrogen and the over reduction of testosterone that produces a great many of the problems that men face as they age.

This herb is very popular in Ayurvedic medicine because it has such wonderful healing properties. Ashwagandha is one of the special 18 adaptogens here on the planet, so it can give you energy. It helps with anxiety while at the same time lowering your cortisol levels. It also has a positive effect on your irritable mood and stops your mind from racing so you can get a good night’s sleep.

Ashwagandha also helps with infertility in both men and women and will help you with a low libido. Imagine being in a really good mood, having lots of energy, and being able to leave all your worries behind you. You can have a sexy night with your honey bunny of choice. The icing on the cake for this herb is that after your sexy night you will be able to indulge in a great night’s sleep.

From this moment on you won’t have to worry about being exhausted and not wanting to be bothered when you feel frisky and ready to play because you have taken a few drops of your herbal tincture.

Ashwagandha can be bought online or at any health food store. It is sold in capsules or as a tincture. This is one of the herbs contained in most of your adrenal tonics. I take an adrenal tonic each day so I get this sexy herb in my blood system every day. Alleluia!

1. Ashwagandha

This herb is very popular in Ayurvedic medicine because it has such wonderful healing properties. Ashwagandha is one of the special 18 adaptogens here on the planet, so it can give you energy. It helps with anxiety while at the same time lowering your cortisol levels. It also has a positive effect on your irritable mood and stops your mind from racing so you can get a good night’s sleep. More>>

2. Ginseng

This herb is the most revered herb in China, Korea, and Japan. They revere it for its tonifying and anti-aging properties. Most Chinese and Koreans take it for energy during the day or when they start getting older to boost their whole body.

Legend has it that the famous Chinese monarch Qin Shi Huang regularly ate ginseng in hopes of gaining eternal life. King Yeongin lived to be 83, and he also made ginseng a regular part of his diet. Many Emperors of China used ginseng to remain virile and for optimum health and most of us want the same results.

This sexy root, which looks like an old man, is full of energetic powers that benefit the whole body. Ginseng is a potent energy tonic and will keep you awake and alert for several hours. This herb will help you to stay focused and to keep your mind alert. What is really incredible is that it doesn’t just give you a boost of energy, but it also helps with depression, high cholesterol, and diminishing libido. In Korea and China, men and women take it every morning when they start getting older so that they don’t lose their stamina and vitality.

This sexy tonic also helps to offset general weakness in the muscles, lungs, and the male’s sexy appendage, so that you and your significant other both can have the energy to go all night or as long as you wish, both finishing with smiles on your faces.

P.S. This is Siberian, Panax, or Chinese Ginseng – not American ginseng. The American species is used for insomnia and nourishing the Yin of the body, not the Yang.

Panax or Korean Ginseng can be purchased raw, in pill form, capsules, tea, or tinctures. It is also one of the main ingredients in many of those energy drinks on the market, but it is not the ginseng that hurts your adrenals – it is the caffeine and sugar that they also add to the mix. Having a nice cup of ginseng tea will not give you a nervous buzz that will later cause you to crash. Ginseng will give you a nice feeling of energy and alertness for the day without the jitters. In China, it is also called the “wrinkle eraser,” because this herb can give you energy and help erase your wrinkles. Now don’t you think Chinese herbs are sexy?

3. Yerba Mate

This sexy herb has the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate. It comes from Argentina and legend has it that the goddesses moon and cloud were coming to Earth to visit and a jaguar went to attack them, but a man stopped the jaguar from attacking them, so the goddesses gave him the mate as a present. It is considered the “National Drink” of Argentina.

This sexy herb has been used in South America for centuries to give their people a jolt of caffeine but without the jitters and the upset stomach. Yerba Mate also has 12 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, and an abundance of antioxidants. They say that this herb contains practically all the vitamins necessary to sustain life. Now don’t you think that is better than having a cup of Joe?

This is what I drank to get over my addiction to my regular, “Grande Soy latte” at Starbucks every morning. I read that Yerba Mate would give me a boost of energy and keep my mind alert while it also suppressed my appetite. That is all they had to say to help me kick my habit. It took a week, but Yerba Mate and I have bonded, and it helps me to wake up every morning.

They do sell it in tea bags but the loose leaf variety is what did it for me. I could get up in the morning and go to the coffee maker but instead of putting in French Roast or Colombian, I put in Yerba Mate and after a week I was hooked. In South America, they drink it out of a gourd with a silver-looking straw but me and my coffeemaker wake up each day to a sexy cup of Yerba Mate and I do my sexy-dance of gratitude for the goddesses’ sexy gift to us mere mortals.

4. He Shou Wu

“A sexy weapon against aging.” This sexy root and vine is known to fight aging, boost your energy, and fortify your bones, while keeping your hair on top of your head healthy and shiny. It also helps you to keep your natural color longer in between colorings. A Chinese woman will start drinking this tea the minute that she sees a grey hair.

The name He Shou Wu means, “Mr. He who has beautiful black hair” because the legend is that Mr. He was a very old, grouchy man who lived by himself out in the woods. He was also a stingy man who didn’t want to pay for tea so when he saw this vine growing outside his house, he started cutting it and brewing it as a tea, and the results were amazing. His hair turned black again, his wrinkles disappeared, and he had so much energy that he was able to marry a young girl in the village, and he lived long enough to have many children.

Fo-Ti is the Western name for this herb and Western medicine has found that it is an “adaptogen.” Adaptogens are a super-elite, sexy group of herbs. They have only discovered 18 of these sexy herbs that give the body what it is missing so if you need energy, it gives you energy; if you need sleep, it helps you to sleep.

This herb can also help you to remember things because it helps to rejuvenate brain cells. The other nice quality of adaptogens is that they help your body to deal with stress. They stop your adrenal glands from producing cortisol which is that yucky hormone that goes crazy when we are in constant stress and produces that belly fat that we can’t get rid of easily. Stress is really hard on the body and after being under constant stress for a long period of time you will burn out your adrenals and cause havoc to your health. This sexy herb helps to nourish your adrenals so they get their second wind while it also gives you a Zen Master feeling of calmness and the energy that will help you get through the current crisis.

I love this herb because it gives you a nice zing of energy so you can leap tall buildings, act like Buddha in stressful situations, and have a clear mind to juggle all those balls you have up in the air while your hair is smoking hot.

5. Bai Zhu

This sexy rhizome is the most used herb in Chinese Medicine because it benefits both men and women’s health. It is used in China as a Qi tonic to help build up your “digestive Qi” and the Qi for your whole body.

You will know if your Qi is weak when you are just plum tired and you can’t seem to shake it or if your muscles and mind just seem to be on auto zombie mode and you just have no passion or drive for anything. Maybe you are so tired that you can’t even visualize things getting better or planning something fun. All you can think about is just getting through the day.

This herb is sexy because it can assist you with getting your zest for life back and you don’t have to worry about Bai Zhi interfering with any medications that you are currently taking. It is a gentle and sexy Qi builder for your whole awesome body. This herb can also improve any kind of edema because it is a light diuretic that drains the excess fluid without hurting the body.

It is commonly used for its ability to build up Qi in the body without any side effects or negative interactions with other drugs, so if you are holding back from taking a Qi tonic because of the medications you are on you might want to purchase Bai Zhu in its raw form or go to see an acupuncturist to make sure that it is part of your personal tonic.

If you purchase it raw and want a little more kick, then dry fry the herb in a pan before boiling it in water.

6. Royal Jelly

This is what they feed the larvae that they want to turn into queen bees, and this is also what the queen bee eats so that it has everything in it to become a gorgeous sexy Queen and then to remain one for the rest of its life. I think that is sexy.

I want to be treated like a Queen, so I have added it to my daily routine and I like it. This jelly is packed full of your B vitamins like B5, B6, and B3, and we all need our B vitamins to keep our minds calm and collected. It also has acetyl-choline which helps with brain function which keeps your mind alert so you can make big decisions in a calm state.

This elixir also is full of all of your fat soluble vitamins like A, D, and K, which help your skin and body, and it also contains ‘royal-lactin,’ which is the protein that is needed to turn the egg into a queen. Since it can turn an egg into a hot bee, it will also help you with your hormones and hot flashes while also giving you the proper amount of amino acids to build up your collagen. Imagine having more energy because it is an overall tonic, having a clear mind, beautiful skin, and your hormones in balance.

7. Deer Antler Velvet

This is a very powerful tonic for the body. We use it in Chinese Medicine for people who have chronic back pain, weakness, fatigue, or if you are just feeling weak, tired, and cold all the time. This extract does a great job of tonifying your body from the inside out. It also helps with strengthening the muscles of the body and helping you to feel strong like a Buck again.

I like the fact that deer antler can strengthen your bladder and uterine muscles so you don’t have to run to the bathroom every few minutes and feel like, “I’ve got to go, I’ve got to go,” or having to worry about a sneeze. You can also start to enjoy a good belly laugh and you won’t have to worry about leaking. My issue with leaking was when I used to do jumping jacks in the morning as part of my routine. I took deer antler for a while, and I can sleep through the night without having to get up, and I can go to my exercise classes without having to wear a mini pad just in case there is a lot of jumping involved.

For men, it helps with getting their groove back and their virility. Muscle magazines have been praising the benefits of deer antler for a while because it helps with energy, stamina, and virility. I recommend it to my male patients who are recovering from cancer or a post–operative to help them to feel like their “Super-Stag” selves again quickly.

These sexy antlers are also full of glucosamine chondroitin sulfate that helps with joint inflammation and also helps with stimulating your brain so the next time you see Bambi on TV and you see his little velvety antlers think sexy brain, sexy joints, strong back, and no incontinence. Now that is a sexy mindset.

The deer are not killed. They are raised, and the baby antlers are harvested because they grow back each fall. They only cut the young, fresh antlers, because they are still alive and producing DHEA and Growth Hormone. They also want the IGF1 factor that is only available until the antlers start to calcify. Once they calcify, they are basically just dead bone that looks great for attracting a cute doe.

8. Astragalus

This is a great herb for tightening up the skin on the neck and those pesky droopy eyelids. It is also good for building up the Qi (energy of the body) so it gives you energy. Since it is working from the inside out it also builds up your immune system, so you get more energy, tighter, and lifted skin while at the same time it is making your immune system strong with sexy, little white cells running around keeping you healthy and attractive.

Astragalus “the great lifter” means it can also lift saggy skin from the knees and elbows on the body. It can also help women who suffer with prolapse of the uterus. The only way to put it back where it was in your 20s is with surgery. If it has fallen and the doctor doesn’t want to perform surgery you might want to get some astragalus or go see your local acupuncturist because acupuncture can help, and she can mix the astragalus with other herbs to make it even stronger.

It can be purchased in the form of raw, capsules, powder, or tincture online or at your local Chinese store or health food store. If you buy the dried form, it can be added to any soups; just make sure that you rinse and soak it before adding it to the soup because they sometimes spray it with sulfur to preserve it longer.

I love this herb so much that it is an ingredient in my Orange Soup because this particular soup helps to build up the Qi and immune system of your body while it also tonifies your digestive tract and pancreas.

In Chinese Medicine when the digestive tract is healthy and strong, the rest of the body will be healthy and strong because it is responsible for the production of Qi, and Qi is good.

9. Guarana

This sexy plant is from Venezuela and Brazil, and it packs more punch than a cup of espresso. These little seeds have double the amount of caffeine than coffee. Guarana has 4.5 grams of caffeine while coffee has 2.2. These guys can definitely help you get going in the morning and can put a high voltage spring in your step.

If you don’t like the bitter taste of coffee, but you enjoy that jolt of energy that only caffeine can give you, then you might want to think about guarana. These sexy seeds have the ability to super charge your energy, get your mind to focus, and to keep you sharp and alert. Guarana would be a good choice on days that you have to take a big exam, do a presentation, or you have to sit through a boring class or meeting. While the others in the room are yawning or are having a hard time concentrating, you will ace the exam or presentation and feel like a sexy winner when you are done. Nothing is more “unsexy” than a foggy brain that has no focus or direction. Wittiness and a quick brain are sexy tools that work wonders at every age. Keeping your mind clear and sharp into old age will benefit everyone around you and even contribute to your overall health.

Guarana has also been used for weight loss because of the saponins in the plant. They help to burn pesky fat deposits in the body. For those of you who are sensitive to caffeine because of high blood pressure or other issues be cautious when purchasing an innocuous energy drink. They have been adding Guarana to them and they have added it to many of the weight loss pills out there as well. If you have no problem with caffeine, then indulge in this sexy drink when you want to shine.

If you are a tired, sexy one and you need to do a presentation or have an event to go to and all you can think about is your pillow, you might want to take some guarana capsules to help you perform at your best.

They are sold online or your local health food store likely carries it. Follow the directions on the bottle and don’t take it every day because it will wear out your adrenals. It is for special occasions.